The Logan Emergency Ambulance Service Authority was established by the Logan County Commission on March 5, 1979. This was done after the Commission became “cognizant of the need for a uniform ambulance service in the County of Logan” and was established in accordance with Chapter 7, Article15 of the West Virginia Code.

The Authority is charged by law (through delegation of the County Commission) with the principal responsibility to provide or make provision for emergency life support service to all the citizens of Logan County.

The Logan County Emergency Ambulance Service Authority, upon creation and enactment, consists of a 15-member decision-making Authority appointed by the Logan County Commission. The Authority then hired an Executive Director to implement the policies of the Authority.

During this initial period, the Ambulance Authority tried to complete its goals by contracting the delivery of service through the private providers operating in Logan County at that time. This, however, proved unsatisfactory. The Authority then tried to provide service through the volunteer fire departments. Finally, it was decided that the Authority would provide the service directly.

In May of 1980, the Authority founded “County Public Rescue”, an Ambulance and Rescue Service.

The operation initially consisted of three volunteer squads (Man, Chapmanville, and Logan), which provided service to the communities.

In June of 1980, the Authority expanded its paid staff to six full-time EMT Driver/Attendants and two dispatchers. The paid staff provided continuous coverage to all of Logan County, with supplemental help from the volunteer squads.

In July of 1982, the Authority improved the level of care to our residents by adding “Mobile Intensive Care Paramedics” and provided “Advanced Life Support”.

The Authority improved response time in September 1983 with the opening of a full time paid station in Chapmanville.

In 1987, with the aid of an excess levy approved by the voters, the authority was able to improve services to the county by the addition of stations in the communities of Man, Sharples and Omar, thus bringing the authority’s operations to five stations.

In 1988, the Ambulance Authority established a station at Harts bringing our total numbers of stations to six.

In 1997, LEASA established the first Haz-Mat technician response team in Logan County. The team is comprised of Firefighters and Paramedics.

In 1998, LEASA established one of the first Critical Care Paramedic services in West Virginia. The service transports Critical Patients between hospitals utilizing Critical Care Paramedics. The first Paramedics were trained by the University of Baltimore.

In 2004, LEASA celebrated its 25th. Anniversary and reported 15,301 calls with an annual budget of $4,501,125.00